Top 10 Richest Women in the US – March 2023

In this article, we shall delve into the realm of the ten most Richest Women in the United States, as of March 2023. These exceptional ladies excelled in their fields, making remarkable contributions to diverse industries and philanthropic pursuits. From business moguls to tech innovators, these powerful women have defied stereotypes and paved the way for future generations. So, let’s dive into the captivating stories and impressive net worth of the top 10 richest women in the US.

Mackenzie Scott – Revolutionizing Philanthropy

Top 10 Richest Women in the US - March 2023 - MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott, the erstwhile consort of Jeff Bezos, the luminary behind Amazon, attains the paramount position on our revered roster. Renowned for her benevolent endeavors, Scott’s affluence has surged exponentially owing to her disentanglement from matrimony. As of March 2023, her approximate net worth stands at a staggering $68 billion, a testament to her unbounded prosperity. Her generous contributions to various fields, especially education and social issues, have made a lasting and impressive impact.

Alice Walton – The Art Enthusiast

Top 10 Richest Women in the US - March 2023 - Alice Walton

Alice Walton, the progeny of Walmart visionary Sam Walton, is celebrated for her vast assemblage of artistic masterpieces and unwavering commitment to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Boasting a colossal fortune of around $63 billion, she claims the esteemed runner-up spot on our illustrious roster. Walton’s ardor for the arts and benevolent efforts made her a preeminent female luminary in the United States.

Julia Koch – An Empire of Diversity

Top 10 Richest Women in the US - March 2023 - Julia-Koch

Julia Koch, the bereaved spouse of the esteemed magnate David Koch, occupies the distinguished third position on our list, boasting an approximate fortune of $46 billion. Koch fervently champions medical research, education, and the arts, actively engaging in numerous benevolent endeavors. Her unwavering dedication to philanthropy undeniably exerts a profoundly positive influence upon innumerable organizations.

Jacqueline Mars – A Confectionery Fortune


Jacqueline Mars, heiress to the Mars candy fortune, is the fourth richest woman in the US. With an estimated net worth of $40 billion, she has successfully maintained the family legacy and contributed to the growth of the Mars company. Mars actively supports environmental sustainability initiatives, making her mark in both business and philanthropy.

Laurene Powell Jobs – Tech and Philanthropy Combined

Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, the bereaved spouse of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, attains the esteemed fifth rank on our roster, boasting an estimated net worth of $30 billion. A visionary businessperson, altruist, and proponent of enlightenment, she co-founded the Emerson Collective, committed to driving societal transformation and improving education. Powell Jobs garners widespread acclaim for her unwavering commitment to benevolence and the resounding influence of her ventures.

Diane Hendricks – Shaping the Construction Industry

Diane Hendricks

Diane Hendricks is the co-founder and chairman of ABC Supply, a leading wholesale distributor of roofing, siding, and windows in the US. With her visionary leadership, Hendricks has built a robust business empire and played a pivotal role in shaping the construction industry. Her entrepreneurial success has propelled her to great heights, making her one of the wealthiest women in the country.

Abigail Johnson – Leading the Financial Sector

Abigail Johnson - Leading the Financial Sector

Abigail Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments, holds the distinguished seventh position on our list, boasting an approximate net worth of $20 billion. Under her astute guidance, Fidelity has experienced remarkable growth, solidifying its position as a leading global financial services conglomerate. Johnson’s remarkable business acumen and invaluable contributions to finance firmly position her as one of America’s wealthiest women.

Judy Faulkner – Innovating Healthcare Solutions

Judy Faulkner - Innovating Healthcare Solutions

Judy Faulkner is the founder and CEO of Epic Systems Corporation, a renowned healthcare software company. Faulkner’s dedication to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative technology solutions has earned her widespread recognition. Her contributions to the healthcare industry have not only transformed patient care but also propelled her to the ranks of the wealthiest women in the US.

Meg Whitman – From Tech Giants to Entertainment

Meg Whitman - From Tech Giants to Entertainment

Meg Whitman, a seasoned business executive, has held leadership positions at notable companies such as eBay and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Known for her strategic vision and management prowess, Whitman has successfully navigated the tech industry and now serves as the CEO of Quibi, a streaming platform. Her diverse experiences in both technology and entertainment have contributed to her impressive wealth.

Oprah Winfrey – The Queen of Media

Oprah Winfrey - The Queen of Media

Oprah Winfrey, an esteemed media tycoon, benefactor, and thespian, concludes our compilation of the foremost affluent women in the United States. With an estimated $2.8 billion fortune, Winfrey built an impressive empire through her talk show, media conglomerate, and various entrepreneurial ventures. Her persuasive eloquence and unwavering dedication to philanthropic pursuits have rendered her a beacon of inspiration to countless individuals globally.


As of March 2023, the top 10 Richest Women in the US have amassed vast fortunes and made significant contributions to various industries and philanthropic efforts. MacKenzie Scott’s generous acts and Alice Walton’s passionate commitment to the arts have made a lasting impact on society. Their achievements inspire entrepreneurs, advocates, and humanitarians, shaping the narrative of women’s success worldwide.

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